Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Almighty Cabinet

Mut, Harvest Mother, still holds Osiris' crook and flail, which she has used to exert influence over humans.  Her instinct as a mother is strong and her knowledge of agriculture is solid.  She shall become the chief advisor of the new harvest God/dess, and she shall also serve to keep the fire God/dess in line.  She retains her desert palace.

Apollo now possesses Svalinn, the shield that stands before the sun and protects one from its heat.   As Apollo has spent many millennia guiding the sun across the sky, he shall guide the new sun God/dess in her or his new position; as an avatar rather than a God, spending too much time near the sun without a shield would surely kill him.  Although Mount Olympus fell in Ragnarok, a replica of his palace was commissioned and placed on top of Mount Mansfield where he may spend his life as a demi-God.  Although he no longer rides the Chariot of the Sun, he does get to stand behind his shield and be the sun chariot's backseat driver, which is pretty awesome.  Apollo: Driver's Ed Teacher of the Gods.

Nanook, Hunter on the Ice, grabbed the mythological Greek Cornucopia from the grab bag.  The horn of plenty provides an abundance of nectar, ambrosia, and fruit.  I'm sure these are favorite foods of bears.  His wisdom and fairness are well-known and cannot be lost; he shall become the mentor to the new hunter God/dess, and shall serve to warn me if the new God/dess starts breaking the rules.  He continues to reside in the North where he communes regularly with his ursine kin.

Dionysus, Master of Revels, received the goaHeiðrún, who produces mead rather than milk.  The goat shall provide libations for Dionysus' parties.  The parties take place in his mansion, which survived Ragnarok save for one detail: Dionysus' male lovers have been freed from the closets of the playboy mansion and may roam freely along with the scantily clad women.  Dionysus was originally given a cabinet position with the new God/dess of wine, but the two spent so much time hung over that they didn't get anything done.  The two still hang out, but I'm not sure they are the best coworkers.  As such, Dionysus has been relieved from his position, and may continue his boozy revelry without fear of divine obligation.

Kali, the Dark Mother, somehow managed to pull a 1200 pound horse from the bag.  The horse is no other than one of the black horses of the Irish dullahan, and strapped to it was a whip made from a human spine.  Though the horse itself provides no special powers, it knows no fear, and provides Kali with steady and sturdy transport to the world(s) of the dead, where Kali oversees the work of the new God/desses of death.  When not riding among death, Kali lives in a patch of forest thick with Royal Poinciana trees.

Poseidon, Lord of the Deep, lost his signature trident and chariot during Ragnarok.  For him, at least one good thing has come of the meeting and clashing of the Gods, though: my son Sleipnir fathered a foal with one of his hippocampi.  This eight-legged hippocamp is now under Poseidon's care, allowing him to cover vast distances in the sea, as well as allowing him to breathe under water once again.  As such, Poseidon has moved back to Atlantis, where he supervises the new God/dess of the Sea.


What duties and responsibilities will you assign your avatars?

Considering that you are, in fact, a bear..., what will you do to help resolve issues faced by the modern world, specifically A.I.D.S., human trafficking and genocide?


Question for Loki:
- Loki, we've seen your shape-shifting skills benefit yourself in many ways, but how do you think these powers will be beneficial for all avatars and humans who choose to praise you?

Question for Apollo:
- Loki offers many religious options for moral enlightenment, while yours appeal to be surface pleasures. How do you plan to fulfill the needs of those who aren't as concerned with music, dance, and sunshine?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Question for Nanook

Nanook can you please explain what we, as people will do during the hibernation time of the bear?  Will we to "veg-out" and enjoy a long break?  Also, how will your simple, honest and nature loving rule be a nice change from the deception of modern politics that Loki and Apollo bring?

Question for Apollo

If you are in fact the god of light, music, sun, poetry, plagues, Prophecies, etc..  What is the point of, and how will you resolve the issues listed bellow:

1. Global warming (sun and other stuff)
2. HIV/AIDS/Cancer (plagues)
3. One direction and other bad/rich musicians (Music)
4. Evangelical making millions and getting into prostitute scandals (Prophecies)

Questions for loki

Loki: Why did you spawn and unleash violent monsters upon the world, harming your kin and threatening the stability of your pantheon?

Loki: How would you deal with internal squabbles among your sub-deities, when conflicts of individual interests arise? how will you stay neutral in these conflicts and avoid choosing a side as happens in every polytheistic pantheon that has ever existed?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Questions for Apollo

Apollo:What is your plan to eliminate disease & world hunger?

Apollo: Although you are known for enjoying the company of a lover, you have said this simply you exercising free will – one of your strongest beliefs. It is also known that you treated these lovers well and with honesty, how would your approach differ from that of Loki the trickster-infidel?